Put a Ring On It: Top Trends in Wedding and Engagement Rings

Image via No.3 Shop

After falling in love with their fresh take on ring shopping and carefully curated collection of designers, I had to reach out to Marcus Leung of Shop No. 3 in San Francisco for the inside scoop on bridal bling. I wanted his thoughts on what couples are currently coveting, and how to get the most out of the ring shopping experience. The bygone days of one partner purchasing blindly for the other have given way to something that feels much more tied to the relationship each ring represents. Now a collaboration between the couple, the designer and the jewelry retailer, “making it official” has a whole new meaning, and the resulting rings are spectacular.
With customization being Shop No.3’s primary wheelhouse, “trend” doesn’t always come into play; however Marcus was kind enough to let us in on 5 notable elements captivating his curious clients, and why.

Grey Diamonds

“With natural patterns and inclusions that are considered “less” by standard bridal brands, these diamonds are much more affordable. And we don’t think of them as “less” by any means. Each stone is unique with a pattern like a fingerprint that makes it impossible to reproduce.”- ML

Cluster Rings

“Aside from classic solitaire, three-stone, and halo settings, cluster settings with multiple diamonds or ombre gemstones or asymmetric arrangements are a major draw. We love how their variety lets each person tailor it to their style and they have such a distinctive personality that’s perfect for anyone that doesn’t feel a connection to the more standard silhouettes.”- ML

Stacking/Nesting Bands

“Many of our designers—Anna Sheffield, Marrow Fine, Misa—offer an extensive selection of different shape wedding bands that can be combined, stacked, paired, and more. Just as you dress yourself, we want our brides to be able to dress their hand depending on the day and their mood. Even a generations-old heirloom can take on a more modern character when combined with these bands, updating a timeless design for a person who’s more forward-thinking.”-ML

Semi-Precious Stones

“Diamonds are lovely, but they only give you so many looks. Couples looking for texture or color or pattern have become much more open to gemstones of all types. From the watery shimmer or aquamarine to the shifting hues of an opal, there’s a whole world of different gems out there. We do remind people to be mindful that you lose some of the classic advantages of diamonds like hardness and brilliance, but there’s a lot you gain, too.”

Recycled/Antique Diamonds

“Even though we’re really proud of our diamond sourcing, a lot of people want a diamond with history and a story to tell. We frequently rework rings that have been passed down through the generations by taking out the centers and putting them into new designs. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to inherit something like that, so we also offer recycled, post-consumer diamonds that are identical to modern stones, but give a second life to diamonds that were previously loved.”- ML

I can’t thank Shop No.3 enough for this amazing info, and also for being so refreshing in an intimidating world of fine jewelry shopping. The staff is approachable and never predatory; and generally seems to love the product, which incidentally is primarily designed and made in the USA. Keep it up, you perfect little shop.


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